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Mike Tanner explains why President Obama knew better than to allow questions at yesterday's ObamaCare announcement.  
The NSA has admitted to more spying on Americans.  
Jason Millman of the Washington Post reports on a study of how ObamaCare will cost large businesses more than $5,000 per employee.  
Marc Goldwein of the Atlantic shows how both parties use various budget gimmicks to get around rules intended to prevent more deficit spending. 
Even some Democrats in Congress cannot support funding ObamaCare by diverting funds from Medicare.  
Marc Thiessen explains how to see the truth behind the pro-ObamaCare lies.  
Professor Fred Singer describes how the scientific basis of the Global Warming Hoax is becoming impossible to defend.  
Matt Ridley of the Wall Street Journal points out that the draft of the next UN report on global warming is backing away from earlier, extreme, claims. Read More
Robert Merry of the National Interest discusses why Obama's failed presidency has probably guaranteed that he will not be followed in the White House by another liberal Democrat.  
The GOP House leadership used deception to sneak through a bill that did not have the votes to pass, bringing it up for a voice vote when opponents were not present.This stands as a warning of how Speaker Boehner and his allies might push through amnesty for illegal aliens despite strong Republican... Read More


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