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Rep. John Shimkus discusses how the Obama administration has failed to comply with the law concerning nuclear waste disposal.  
TCC has endorsed the jobs bill put forward by the conservative Republican Study Committee in the House of Representatives.  
Abby McClosky and Tom Miller, in this Wall Street Journal article, explain why a key element of ObamaCare is failing. Read More
Once again, HHS Secretary Sebelius has made statements about ObamaCare that do not appear truthful.  She claims that the government does not know how many people have completed enrollment in ObamaCare by actually paying for their insurance, but members of Congress have evidence pointing to a di... Read More
Roll Call, a newspaper specializing in Congressional news, reports that House Democrats will try using a discharge petition to bring amnesty to the floor for a vote.  Read the full article below. Read More
A case argued yesterday in the District of Columbia Appeals Court has the potential to strike down a key element of ObamaCare.  Based on the oral arguments, it appeared entirely possible that a majority would rule in favor of applying the law as written, which allows Federal subsidies only for... Read More
W. James Antle III sums up ObamaCare this way in the National Journal.  "So you might not keep your doctor, you might not keep your old health-insurance plan, you might not like or even be able to afford your new one, and you might not keep your job. If you complain about your situation under O... Read More
According to a study by the American Action Forum, ObamaCare's costs are more than double its benefits.Read the actual study at the link below.   
Is Big Government good for economic growth and prosperity?  The American Enterprise Institute's findings are summed up in this excerpt."Di Matteo’s analysis confirms other work showing a positive return to economic growth and social progress when governments focus their spending on basic, neede... Read More
This editorial from San Diego sums up why ObamaCare cannot be fixed, and must be repealed.      


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