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Is Obama Another Nixon?ByPeter J. Thomas and Charles Orndorff           Liberal critics of the House lawsuit against President Obama have repeatedly claimed that the Federal courts should not and will not intervene to decide whether President Obama’s... Read More
Victor Hansen Davis makes the case that Obama's scandals are worse than those of President Warren Harding.
Jobs and Obama's Political Woesby Peter Morici Despite another seemingly good jobs report, President Obama's approval rating is lower than a snake's belly, and Republicans could retake the Senate in November. Missteps in the Ukraine , Iraq and elsewhere weigh on voters' minds but the economy-especia... Read More
Why the Benghazi Committee Is NeededByPeter J. Thomas and Charles Orndorff           A frequent question asked about the creation of the House Select Committee on the Events Surrounding the 2012 Terrorist Attack in Benghazi is whether yet another inv... Read More
Leon Panetta's new book reveals that he and the Joint Chiefs of Staff knew that Obama's "get out of Iraq" policy was likely to be harmful to US interests, but could not persuade the President to put the national interest above politics.  So why didn't Panetta resign in protest?http://www.washin... Read More
GOP leaders refused to allow a House vote on blocking ObamaCare's bailout of health insurance companies last month, but a new report from the Government Accountability Office says that Congress may have to give positive approval before the bailout can proceed. Read More
A new poll shows voters overwhelmingly in favor of repealing ObamaCare, rather than trying to fix it.
Steven Hayward discusses how the global warming gang is becoming more extreme and irresponsible as their cause becomes less credible.
Walter Russell Mead discusses more studies on the limited number of doctors available under ObamaCare.
Eric Holder's 26% approval rating shows that Americans know he did a poor job as attorney general.


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