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 Every disaster has its moment of clarity. Physicist Richard Feynman dunks an O-ring into ice water and everyone understands instantly why the shuttle Challenger exploded. This week, the Obamacare O-ring froze for all the world to see: Hundreds of thousands of cancellation letters wen... Read More
“Nothing is lost save honor.”So said Jim Fisk after he and Jay Gould survived yet another scrape in their corrupt and storied careers in the Gilded Age.Fisk’s dismissal of honor came to mind while watching Barack Obama in Boston smugly explain how his vow — “If you like your health care plan, you ca... Read More
To end the government shutdown and raise the debt ceiling without accepting any meaningful GOP conditions, President Obama resorted to falsehoods, wounded American democracy and damaged U.S. global leadership.The president accused the House GOP majority of refusing to pay bills Congress has already... Read More
If Obamacare is so good, why was Congress crying to President Obama for an illegal exemption, which he freely granted?When Congress passed Obamacare in 2010, it stated that Congress and its staff would be subject to it the same as everyone else. That is only fair that they should live under the same... Read More
 The government shutdown is proving less draconian than presidential warnings, but failing to raise the debt ceiling and default would be another matter.So many government activities have been deemed essential by legislation or presidential order that only 15 percent of the federal government i... Read More
The Las Vegas Sun recently reported that U.S. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said on a local TV program that Obamacare could lead to a single-payer national health insurance program.This is not surprising, for Mr. Reid only stated what has long been the holy grail of liberal Democrats: socialized... Read More
PRESS RELEASE August 29, 2013 For Immediate Release Contact: Brittany Zanin 310.977.6214 [email protected] COALITION UNVEILS SOCIAL MEDIA 'TWIBBON' TO HONOR 'BENGHAZI 4,' DEMAND ADMINISTRATION ACCOUNTABILITY Col. Allen West: "let us never forget some ran to the sound o... Read More
The Congressional vote on war with Syria must take place only after President Obama has provided Congress with all necessary information, and the decision by Congress should determine whether the U.S. goes to war, according to Peter J. Thomas, Chairman of The Conservative Caucus (TCC). “If the... Read More
TCC Chairman Thomas Calls for Watergate-Style Select Committee To Investigate Benghazi Murders "The Conservative Caucus (TCC) is extremely proud to be part of the coalition honoring the memory of the 'Benghazi 4', who paid the ultimate price in service to America. Yet, unbelievably, the... Read More (The Hill story has the latest number of letter signers (116) as of Wednesday, Aug. 28., 6 pm.) From: Jason Miyares [mailto:[email protected]] Sent: Tuesday, August 27... Read More


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