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Stephen Moore reviews the lies that were used to promote ObamaCare.
ObamaCare has proven to be an unsustainable system. 
Liberals are already preparing lists of people whose nomination by Hillary Clinton would be unacceptable.  In a fair, even-handed world, that would mean liberals accept the right of conservatives to do the same and oppose many of her nominees. Read More
Sen. Ted Cruz understands that the Senate has a duty to reject Supreme Court nominees who would subvert the Constitution.
This Washington Post editorial calls for speeding up the deportation of illegal aliens.  The Post even admits that more deportations would help reduce the number of illegal aliens coming across the Mexican border.  But what about the Post's previous claims that the border is secure, and no... Read More
Even liberals cannot deny that ObamaCare is becoming unaffordable, except by rapidly increasing subsidies paid for by the taxpayer. 
Liberal Democrats plan to push for amnesty in 2017, as they did in 2007 and 2013.  Once again they expect some Republican support but worry that some Democrats will fear being punished at the polls if they vote for amnesty. Read More
A new survey shows that respect for America's police is high and growing.  Interestingly, the increase has been greater among nonwhites than whites.  The Black Lives Matter smear campaign does not seem to be working. Read More
Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has called for Congressional Term Limits and stronger limits on the "revolving door" between government service and lobbying.  This may help ACL with its ongoing project for both. Read More
The New York Post observes the massive failure of ObamaCare. 


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