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The 2020 Census will ask about citizenship, unless the Federal courts remove it.
The FBI scandal may be continuing as a cover-up.
John Lott priovides facts that contradict the gun control myths.
Byron York shows how Democrats are using misleading numbers to give a false impression.
Is there no end to what Trump-hating FBI officials will do to promote the coup against the President?
This Texas school system allows armed employees, and warnings that this would lead to more shootings have proved false.
by Peter Thomas, Chairman, TCCLeft-wing Democrats are no longer hiding their intentions.  They want to cease enforcing the immigration laws by abolishing the agency responsible for such enforcement.Every president takes an oath to “preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution”, and that Const... Read More
George Neumayr reviews the attempts by the Deep State to remove Trump.
Republican leaders are now lining up behind the call for a special counsel to investigate the scandal at the FBI and Department of Justice.
Andrew McCabe's statement appears to say that James Comey perjured himself when testifying before Congress.


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