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Dear editor:Once again, the liberal Democrats in Congress have demonstrated their dishonesty and hypocrisy.They have claimed that their concern for illegal aliens covered by the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) is motivated by the fact that many of these illegals were brought here as mi... Read More
The announcement about Michael Flynn is more evidence that "collusion" did not occur.
Restoring constitutional government requires judges who will be faithful to the Constitution.  Trump is keeping his promise on that point.
Senate Republicans say their tax bill will include repealing ObamaCare's tax on people who do not buy health insurance.
After Sunday's shooting, Texans understand that gun control is not the answer. Read More
Why is the media being so quite about the Clinton campaign's connections to the Russian government?
Putting conservative judges on the bench was an important goal for many Trump voters, and the Senate is finally beginning to approve Trump's nominees.
A special visa program intended to provide more diversity in immigrants allowed the suspect in a New York terrorist attack to come to this country. 
 by Peter Thomas, Chairman, The Conservative CaucusThere has been much recent hype about an alleged threat to the First Amendment from President Trump.  Even a quick look at history will show that other presidents, many of them praised by the same people who attack Trump, did much more to... Read More
The one thing we know for certain is that the Clinton campaign was involved in collusion with foreigners, including Russians, to influence the election. Read More


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