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After a controversial phone call with Ukrainian leaders, President Trump has come under fire for allegedly using his presidential power to dig up dirt on political opponents.“Democrats wrote to the Ukrainian government in May 2018 urging it to continue investigations into President Donald Trump’s al... Read More
Sean Davis dissects the whistleblower complaint and finds it to be a combination of hearsay and inaccuaracy from a biased source.
John Solomon and David Harsanyi point out that the Bidens face serious trouble as the Ukraine controversy focuses attention on questionable business dealings. Read More
Usually, investigation and collection of all the facts precedes drawing a conclusion.  Mark Thiessen shows that the impeachment forces reached their conclusions based on rumors, which turn out to have been untrue. Read More
How could the President have been using aid as quid pro quo if the Ukranians did not even know the aid was being withheld?
The Hate-Trump media have used a drastically shortened version of the Ukraine call to make President Trump look guilty.  Obviously, they don't think the real transcript shows anything wrong, so they had to change it. Read More
If anyone is going to have his political career ended by the Ukranian investigation, it's more likely to be Joe Biden than Donald Trump.
Hugh Hewitt reviews the lack of evidence for impeachment.
Mark Davis points out that impeachment with an impeachable offense is likely to harm the impeachers more than the President.
“A new study shows Democrats running to embrace socialism in the Trump era as radical progressives dominate the 2020 Democratic primary field,” according to The Federalist.But while Democrats are supporting socialism in increasing numbers, Americans still prefer the free market principles this natio... Read More


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