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Biden's extreme left agenda gives conservatives a chance to turn the political tide once again.
President Biden has taken the first steps toward ending our constitutional republic and depriving us of our freedom.
February 5, 2021Prepared by The Conservative CaucusDespite denial by open borders advocates, illegal aliens add to the crime problem in the United States.  The stories below give some recent examples.Albuquerque is in legal trouble for its sanctuary policy.  After an illegal alien who was... Read More
“Lorrain Taylor lost her twin sons to gun violence in Oakland, California, in 2000. They were just 22 years old and working their way through college when they were killed.” Taylor is a aprt of Voices of Black Mothers United, an initiative of the Woodson Center.The program seeks to, “bring together... Read More
The Washington Post fact-checker calls Sen. Bernie Sanders a liar for claiming that Trump's tax cuts went to the wealthy and large corporations.  In fact, middle class taxpayers and smaller corporations benefitted, while some of the wealthy saw their taxes increaseLet's remember that it is not... Read More
“President Joe Biden has announced the creation of a commission to examine “reforming” the courts. This move is not only a “solution” in search of a problem, but will itself likely damage the rule of law and the independence of the judiciary,” Thomas Jipping writes at the Daily Signal.The move would... Read More
“On Tuesday, White House Chief of Staff Ron Klain took the side of teachers’ unions that have refused to have their members return to teaching,” the Daily Wire reports.The president of the Washington Teachers’ Union said even vaccines wasn’t enough to open. “Having the vaccine available for teachers... Read More
“On Tuesday, Rhode Island Democrat Governor Gina Raimondo, President Biden’s nominee to be Secretary of the Department of Commerce, admitted that she would not rule out raising taxes on Americans in order to fulfill the administration’s climate change agenda,” the Daily Wire reports.Republican Senat... Read More
President Biden is proposing a $15 minimum wage hike at just the wrong time.“Raising labor prices on businesses that are struggling to stay afloat is like throwing them a load of bricks instead of a life preserver.” Read More
Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley took Biden to task for his silence on violence and rioting in Portland and Seattle on Thursday, tweeting that he was, “waiting for Pres. Biden to condemn,” the violence.“The Seattle Police Department reported that on Wednesday in Seattle, ‘individuals dressed mostly in bl... Read More


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