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The Iran deal has the support of only one-quarter of the electorate in Florida, Ohio, and Pennsylvania, according to a new poll.
House Republicans expect to pass a bill repealing many of ObamaCare's taxes. 
Marc Thiessen points out the similarities of the way CIA Director John Deutsch and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton treated classified information.  Will the Obama Justice Department get serious about national security and prepare to prosecute Clinton and her aides as Deutsch was about to be... Read More
Hans von Spakovsky discusses the problem of sanctuary cities.
The "side deals" with Iran, which appear to undermine enforcement, deserve to be a major factor in the decision by Congress on whether to approve Obama's agreement.
The Republican leadership in the Senate may decide against voting on the repeal of Obamare this year.  This would be typical of their treatment of conservative priorities.
Earlier this week, it was allowing people with six-figure incomes to receive housing subsidies.  Now it's paying someone for work never done.  And they tell us there's nothing that can be cut from Federal spending. Read More
Two new polls confirm the fact that Americans are not buying Obama's arguments on the Iran deal.
The debate over replacing ObamaCare continues, with National Revies praising the plan offered by Gov. Scott Walker.
Prof. Thomas Sowell provides his usual wisdom, this time on the matter of illegal aliens.


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