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The Washington Post reviews the various GOP plans for short and long-term replacement of ObamaCare. 
In just six days, the Export-Import Bank charter will expire, and this form of corporate welfare will cease.  However, businesses receiving the subsidies are still hoping to revive the Bank later this year.
The House passed, by a 90-vote margin, a bill to repeal the Independent Payment Advisory Board.  The IPAB, part of ObamaCare, was created to cut Medicare spending without requiring a vote of Congress.  Those Medicare cuts were then used to fund ObamaCare's subsidy programs for younger peop... Read More
Illegal aliens who are released on a promise to show up in court usually do not - what a surprise!
Conservatives have been singled out for punishment by the House leadership -- but have you heard of any RINO's losing a position because of their votes for amnesty, ObamaCare, etc? 
Obama and his supporters have denied that Jonathan Gruber played a major role in designing ObamaCare, hoping to reduce the damage from his public statements that people living in states without exchanges were never intended to receive  subsidies.  New evidence provides further proof that t... Read More
Both the House and Senate have voted to repeal ObamaCare's tax on Medical Devices (e.g artificial hips and knees), and both gave repeal at least the 2/3 majority needed to overcome a presidential veto.
House Republicans say they will refuse to simply extend ObamaCare subsidies if the Supreme Court ruling finds them illegal.  Now the question is whether they will stand firm, or quickly give in to Obama. Read More
Sen. Tom Coburn has retired, but a few senators continue his quest to find and expose wasteful spending.
Speaker Boehner and Majority Leader McConnell are showing great determination and ingenuity to find ways to pass Obama's Fast Track bill.  Where was that determination and ingenuity when the issue was stopping Obama's amnesty? Read More


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