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The Canadian government knows that Islamic terrorists are a threat that requires action.  Why does the US government have so much trouble admitting the fact.
Republican Senate candidates believe that increased premiums and reduced choices in ObamaCare will help them in November. 
A man shouting "Allah Akbar" attacked two people in Roanoke, Virginia.  Will this get the same media coverage as the shooting, in the same area, that was publicized coast-to-coast to promote gun control? Read More
David Catron discusses some of the lies used to defend ObamaCare.
Andrew McCarthy discusses the need for an immigration policy that blocks the arrival of radicals who want to uproot our Constitution.
David Harsanyi discusses current and future problems for ObamaCare.
The Obama administration has finally admitted that the $400 million cash payment to Iran was directly related to freeing four Americans. 
Peter Suderman discusses the significance of Aetna's withdrawal from most ObamaCare exchanges.  
Sheriff David Clarke of Milwaukee put the blame for the riots squarely on liberals. 
Heather MacDonald discusses the truth behind the Milwaukee riots and similar incidents.


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