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Obama's promise of "reform" following the VA scandal turns out to be empty. 
ObamaCare is complicating tax season for many Americans.
A Federal judge has ordered the IRS to provide more information relating to the anti-conservative scandal.
President Obama has made crippling the economy in the name of fighting climate change the top priority of his final years in office, but the American public is not buying it.
Even the Senate Democrats' next leader supports a bill requiring that Obama submit any Iran deal to Congress.
Katie Pavlich points out that Obama's Department of Justice has established a record of deceptive and illegal behavior.
Legislation to require that Congress play a role in the agreement with Iran may reach a veto-proof majority in both houses.
Republicans in Congress have established a record for letting President Obama do anything he wants, but the upcoming agreement with Iraq may be an exception.  Leading Republicans are insisting that Obama submit it to Congress for review. Read More
Not surprisingly, Obama's Justice Department has no interest in getting to the truth of the IRS scandal.
Senate Reublicans are lining up behind the Death Tax repeal bill introduced by Sen. Thune.


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