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One liberal commentator fears that the next Supreme Court session will be a good one for conservatives.
Another Federal Court has ruled that ObamaCare's mandatory "free" birth control goes too far.
Military author Bing West explains that American generals have no confidence that President Obama will make any serious effort to win the war against ISIS.  For that reason, they opposes sending US advisors and forward observers into combat, fearing that Obama would simply be putting them at ri... Read More
Obama's Justice Department sued North Carolina for changing its voting laws, claiming a violation of the Voting Rights Act.  However, they had no facts to support their claim and lost the case.
The Orange County Register call on the Attorney General to move forward with the prosecution of Lois Lerner for the IRS targeting.
Europeans are learning the problems with open borders.  Will the US profit by their example, or make the same mistake?
Yet another poll shows overwhelming opposition to the Iran agreement.
New EPA regulations were put on hold by a Federal Court yesterday.
New estimates say that ObamaCare's tax on some health insurance plans would hit more than 25% of employees who receive insurance through their employer.  Even liberals are getting nervous about the political impact. Read More
Last week, a few retired military officers got big publicity by endorsing Obama's Iran deal.  Yesterday, almost 200 retired officers came out against it.  Will they get similar news coverage? Read More


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