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Sen. Marco Rubio is taking the lead in lining up congressional opposition to President Obama's new policy toward Cuba.
The Washington Post, which has supported taking a softer line on Cuba, criticizes Obama for his appeasement of Cuba.
A recent issue of TCC's Member's Message discussed the fact that many of Obama's executive actions, especially regarding ObamaCare and amnesty, have been done by methods other than executive orders.  This article discusses his use of executive memoranda. Read More
The first Federal judge to give an opinion on Obama's latest amnesty move has declared it to be unconstitutional.
A Washington Post poll show that a majority of Americans disagree with the conclusions of the Senate Intelligence Committee report on CIA interrogations.  Interestingly, young people are more likely to support "enhanced" measures of interrogation than older people.  Perhaps memories of the... Read More
Sen. David Vitter sees the vote on a new Attorney General as a key battle in the fight against Obama's amnesty.
Nearly half of Senate Republicans voted against the effort by Sen. Ted Cruz to stop Obama's amnesty for illegal aliens.
The IRS targeting of conservative groups is not the only problem at the agency.  There is also the ongoing controversy about illegally providing taxpayer information to the White House political operatives.
Charles Krauthammer lays out his objections to the Senate Intelligence Committee report.
Michael Gerson discusses how Jonathan Gruber has revealed the way liberals believe that only deception can get their agenda enacted.


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