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What will we do without police when a crime occurs?  The abolitionist cannot come up with an answer.
The police who restored order after rioters disrupted the attempts to protest peacefully paid a price.  More than 700 suffered injuries.
Advocates of defunding and abolishing the police will run into a big obstacle -- most Americans think their local police are doing a good job.
Truth won't support abolishing or defunding the police, so the abolitionists turn to lies.
Who but a liberal would think our country would be better off with no police?
“New data from the Department of Labor released Thursday show another 1.9 million Americans filed for unemployment last week,” The Federalist reports.“Pandemic panic has now pushed more than 42.5 million Americans into unemployment since mid-March lockdowns began.” Read More
After being shamed for celebrating Memorial Day weekend with crowds, Americans are told it is perfectly acceptable to gather in large crowds for a protest.Tristan Justice writes at The Federalist that, “The sudden disregard for social distancing from avid lockdowners expose the extreme measures that... Read More
The Congressional Budget Office projects that the proposed extension of special unemployment benefits would mean more than 80% would make more money by staying home than working.  The result would be higher unemployment and less economic production. 
Prepared by The Conservative CaucusDespite denial by open borders advocates, illegal aliens add to the crime problem in the United States.  The stories below give some recent examples.ICE arrested, in New York, an illegal alien wanted for murder.  The alien had previously jumped bail after... Read More
Andrew McCarthy reviews the evidence piling up to show the political motivation behind the Russian "collusion" investigation.


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