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“Nancy Pelosi is leading her left-wing Democrats off a cliff with a hasty decision”, said Peter J. Thomas, Chairman of The Conservative Caucus.“By quickly caving in to the extreme left-wing of her party and endorsing impeachment, Pelosi based her decision on rumor instead of waiting until facts were... Read More
Have any doubts that Joe Biden, as VP, withheld aid until the Ukrainian government fired the prosecutor who had been investigating his son's company?  Watch it on this video (toward the end of the article).  See for yourself.  This is why one Washington Post commentator said that Bide... Read More
Joe Biden and several Democratic senators have openly threatened to cut off aid to the Ukraine for personal or political purposes.  Now they want to impeach the President on much weaker evidence. Read More
Liberal’s blind hatred for the President has not stopped President Trump from quietly winning “step 1” of the border security fight.“The wall is going to happen, whether the president’s opponents like it or not.” Read More
Jed Babbin punches holes in the claims made by those who say the President should be impeached over his Ukraine call.
To find what's important in a Washington Post story, alway look for what is buried on the inside page, somewhere in the middle.  In this article, the Post reports that unaccompanied children coming across the border illegally "suffer horrible trauma on the journey to the United States."  W... Read More
The Ukraine "scandal" turns out to be quite different than what was originally reported.  Once again, the hate-Trump media rushed to judgment, publishing what we now know to be a false description of events, provided by someone without first-hand knowledge. Read More
The Trump administration has an opportunity to close an immigration loophole which has been allowing dangerous MS-13 criminals to sneak into the country.“Trump promised to build a wall and make Mexico pay for it, but unless this provision is removed in the budget bill, the MS-13 recruitment superhig... Read More
Katie Pavlich recounts the "do-overs" by liberals upset that facts just are not what they expected.
Sharyl Attkisson reviews the disgraceful history of the FBI uwillingness to prosecure lawbreakers within its ranks.  No wonder so many thought they could engage in anti-Trump activities on the job without fear of punishment. Read More


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