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Obama boasts that the economy is doing just fine, but the figures released by his own administration say otherwise.
Presidential candidate Jeb Bush has now made it clear that he agrees with President Obama -- those who broke US laws by sneaking into this country, using false documents, and illegally taking jobs from Americans should be rewarded with amnesty. Read More
Ever since the 2012 election, Obama has been reducing the number of illegal aliens sent home.
Kevin Williamson points out that no one but liberals can be blamed for the troubles in Baltimore and other urban areas.
Conservatives may be on the verge of finally abolishing the Export-Import Bank.  House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy, who had appeared to be wavering, has now reaffirmed his opposition.
Republican House leaders have admitted they do not have the votes to push a tax increase through the House of Representatives.  Conservative opposition makes any tax increase impossible.
Thousands of Lois Lerner's emails, which the IRS claimed could not be found, have been recovered by the Inspector General and will be reviewed by Congressional committees.  The emails may add new facts in the investigation of IRS targeting of conservative groups. Read More
Conservatives may be able to finish off the Export-Import Bank, but defeating Fast Track will be more difficult.
Mark Pfeifle of the Wall Street Journal provides some additional reasons why the Export-Import Bank must go.
The Senate will take up the Iran bill and the House will work on the Federal budget and appropriations this week.


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