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The new travel restrictions show that Sudan has responded to the earlier executive order and is now exempt, but three new nations have been added. 
Attorney General Sessions proves he is paying close attention to the problems of illegal aliens. 
President Trump deserves praise, not criticism, for his UN speech. 
Trump Tower and Trump campaign staff were being wiretapped by the Obama administration during last year's election campaign. Read More
The latest ObamaCare repeal goes further than those that came before it, and may have a better chance to pass.
Forget Mueller.  We need a special counsel to give us an impartial investigation of Hillary Clinton.
The legislation Pelosi and Schumer want on DACA offers nothing important for immigration reform, and could just make things worse.
The Supreme Court decided to allow Trump's refugee restrictions to continue to be enforced.
It may not be investigations of Trump's associates, but rather investigations of Democrats and their allies that reveal big news.
Some Republicans are ready to give Democrats everything they want on DACA.


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