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After Twitter went on a seeming rampage against Conservative accounts on Twitter, The Federalist compiled a list of several other accounts that directly encouraged violence, yet are not banned by Twitter.“Twitter’s permanent suspension of President Trump’s account is clearly not about the rules, but... Read More
At least one Antifa and BLM activist was involved in the attack on the US Capitol, and police sources say there were more.Will they be prosecuted, or given a pass?
The media are trying to twist the story about what happened at the Capitol to gain political advantage. Read More
Wednesday’s violent attack on Congress by a mob was the antithesis of the republican system of government established by our founding fathers.The Founders were well aware that the lawless mob rule so characteristic of ancient democracies had made them unstable and short-lived.  They firmly reje... Read More
Peter Thomas, Chairman of The Conservative Caucus, issued the following statement today.“The lawlessness and violence taking place at the Capitol today cannot be excused or allowed.  All those who prevented the counting of the electoral college vote must be arrested, prosecuted, and punished.... Read More
Ted Cruz denounced the violent mob at the capitol, consistent with his previous opposition to left-wing protestors last year.
The newest House of Representatives rules package, “represents an ultimate power grab by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who was reelected to the post by a razor-thin vote of 216-209.”“Expect more wokeness, rejection of minority input, financial recklessness, and show trials to be the major themes for t... Read More
“New York Magazine just became the first of the corporate media to acknowledge that the COVID-19 virus, which plagued the world for most of 2020, may have originated from a laboratory in Wuhan, China.”The media has targeted GOP Senator Tom Cotton for, according to them, “spreading conspiracy theorie... Read More
Today Congress will witness the vote count of the electoral college and deal with challenges.  Read below the comments of Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) and Rep. Lis Cheney (R-WY) and decide for yourself who is right. Read More
“If you want to know what the real-time self-destruction of a city looks like under Democrats’ dangerous ideology, Minneapolis offers the perfect model,” Jenna Stocker writes at The Federalist.Radical movements such as the “Defund the Police” movement are accompanying rising murder rates.https://the... Read More


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