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The Senate Judiciary Committee will begin hearings on Judge Gorsuch's nomination to the Supreme Court at 11 AM on Monday. 
The Federal budget proposed by President Trump will focus on adequate funding for constitutional functions, while reducing (but not yet eliminating) unconstitutional programs. Read More
The Constitution grants Congress the power to control immigration, and Congress has delegated broad discretionary powers to the President.  However, four states have filed suite, claiming that they should be allowed to decide who will be allowed into the United States. Read More
Sen. Ted Cruz outlines what needs to be done to get rid of ObamaCare.
With Speaker Ryan pushing an ObamaCare continuation bill that conservatives cannot support, Sen. Cruz is working to develop a genuine repeal bill that can unite Republicans and pass Congress. Read More
Conservatives continue to point out the flaws in the GOP bill to modify, rather than repeal, ObamaCare.
Law school classmates endorse Gorsuch.
Khizr Khan's claim that he is a victim appears to be untrue.
Conservatives are insisting that repeal must not merely exchange one welfare program for another.
National Review notes the careful preparation given to the new anti-terrorism travel restrictions.


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