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Justice Antonin Scalia explained why Chief Justice Roberts was wrong to once again save ObamaCare.
The House voted to prevent Obama's key environmental regulations from going into effect.
ACL Chairman Peter Thomas sent this letter to the editor in order to correct media accounts about the Congressional Budget Office report on repealing ObamaCare.To the editor: Media coverage of the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) report on repealing ObamaCare has often ignored its most importa... Read More
Conservatives have gained an important ally in the fight to eliminate government policies that keep the price of sugar high.
The IRS admits that its employees destroyed email back-up tapes in violation of policy, but claims that it was an innocent mistake.
The Washington Post reviews the various GOP plans for short and long-term replacement of ObamaCare. 
In just six days, the Export-Import Bank charter will expire, and this form of corporate welfare will cease.  However, businesses receiving the subsidies are still hoping to revive the Bank later this year.
The House passed, by a 90-vote margin, a bill to repeal the Independent Payment Advisory Board.  The IPAB, part of ObamaCare, was created to cut Medicare spending without requiring a vote of Congress.  Those Medicare cuts were then used to fund ObamaCare's subsidy programs for younger peop... Read More
Illegal aliens who are released on a promise to show up in court usually do not - what a surprise!
Conservatives have been singled out for punishment by the House leadership -- but have you heard of any RINO's losing a position because of their votes for amnesty, ObamaCare, etc? 


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