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“We have the lowest unemployment rate now in 50 years for blacks,” says Stephen Moore, visiting fellow at the Heritage Foundation, “Hispanics, women, people who are disabled, people without high school, college degree. The economy has grown like 3% now for the first time in 20 years.”“So, you look a... Read More
“Mexico has vowed to take broader measures individually and alongside the U.S. at addressing the criminal networks involved in human trafficking and smuggling,” Daily Signal reports. “Both countries must remain committed to their end of the deal and finding long-term solutions to the destabilization... Read More
“On Sunday night’s episode of Life, Liberty & Levin, LevinTV host Mark Levin interviewed former Clinton pollster and strategist Mark Penn about how current Democrats’ focus on impeachment is hurting them with the American people,” Conservative Review reports.“Overall, Penn says the kind of parti... Read More
“Sunday’s Border Patrol statistics from just one Texas county tell the story of a border crisis that is more of a national security issue than just an immigration problem,” Conservative Review reports.“When the surges of Central American families are happening, all Border Patrol agents are pulled of... Read More
Democrats, including even so-called “moderates” such as Joe Biden, have repeatedly called for repealing Trump’s tax cuts, a change which would hurt everyday American workers and the middle class.“If the tax cuts were reversed, the typical American could be $26,900 poorer over the following 10 years.... Read More
Reports are showing that the number of arrests at the border are skyrocketing, but the numbers alone “don’t tell the whole story,” John Daniel Davidson writes at The Federalist.“As the crisis deepens, the U.S.-Mexico border is becoming increasingly volatile and dangerous.” Read More
While the media and Democrats have been claiming that it was the President who is guilty of collusion, it turns out that it is the Clinton machine that has been guilty of suspicious activity with foreign officials.“Clinton’s campaign, in concert with the Democratic Party and through their shared law... Read More
The emergency at the border is at an all-time high, as arrests related to illegal immigration have increased by one-third from last month.“The Central American migration boom that has been overwhelming Border Patrol agents for almost a year, but … 144,278 illegal border crossers were apprehended acc... Read More
“President Trump’s critics are now picking apart his statement,” Thiessen wrote at the Washington Post, “looking for discrepancies with the carefully chosen words in his report and searching for hidden meaning and secret messages urging them to impeach the president.”“All Mueller’s news conference d... Read More
“After the new record numbers of family units coming to the border almost every month this fiscal year, some might have thought the crisis would have maxed out in April … But preliminary data from Customs and Border Protection (CBP) apprehensions so far in May show that numbers continue to skyrocket... Read More


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