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President Trump's bill to reform the law concerning legal immigration has clear support from the American public.
Yes, President Trump is making a difference.
Pat Buchanan argues cogently that Trump-haters and their attempt to drive Trump from office threaten our system of constitutional self-government. 
Even Trump-haters admit that the leaks are going too far.
Stephen Moore points out that when Democrats talk about a bipartisan compromise on ObamaCare, they mean keeping ObamaCare as it is but taking away more of our tax dollars and more of our freedom. Read More
The Government Accountability Office found that the State Department needs to improve its screening of potential refugees.
Sen. Ted Cruz lays out how to deal with the threat from North Korea.
Sen. Lamar Alexander is preparing to work with Democrats to save ObamaCare from collapsing.  He and the Democrats favor even bigger bailouts for the insurance companies.
Immigration law cannot be effectively enforced without more judges to handle the large number of deportation cases. 
As ObamaCare collapses, liberals hope to exploit that by moving us to something even worse.


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