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The attempt to renew the smear campaign against Justice Kavanaugh is so devoid of facts that even liberal officeholders are running away from it. Read More
It’s time that Republicans prioritized keeping funds away from harmful sanctuary cities. “Very few people in America realize the extent to which Democrat-controlled areas are now harboring the worst illegal alien sex offenders and dangerous criminals,” Conservative Review says of sanctuary citi... Read More
Step by step, the President is overcoming opposition and gaining control of the border.
Trump's economic boom has been a great help to minorities and women.
Once again the Left is in a frenzy over a claim, this time by a former lawyer for the Clintons that he witnessed a long-ago act of sexual harrassment by Brett Kavanaugh.  But the alleged victim denies the story, which has not stopped liberal Senators from demanding Kavanaugh's impeachment.https... Read More
“The last few months have seen a significant decline in Border Patrol arrests thanks in part to attempts by the Trump administration to deter and discourage illegal immigration,” the Daily Signal writes. However, “serious problems remain unsolved and more remains to be done."Immigration laws still c... Read More
The Supreme Court has allowed the Trump administration to implement new rules dealing with the abuse of the asylum system. Read More
Federal authorities say that, “Almost 500 known illegal immigrants have been released from law enforcement custody in less than a year in North Carolina, despite ICE detainers on them.”The state’s current sanctuary city laws are under scrutiny after two cases of violent crime by illegal immigrants i... Read More
“Federal immigration authorities have rounded up dozens of known or suspected human rights abusers and war criminals to be sent back to their home countries,” Conservative Review writes.According to a DHS press release, 14 of those arrested were, “implicated in numerous human rights violations again... Read More
Conservatives expect House Democrats to press for the impeachment of President Trump regardless of the evidence, according to a poll conducted by The Conservative Caucus (TCC).   Sixty-nine percent said that House Democrats would find an excuse for impeachment even without real evidence.Th... Read More


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