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America's liberals have promoted policies that led to the violence spreading across the nation.
Neither the governor of Minnesota nor the mayor of Miineapolis responded quickly and effectively to the beginning of the riots, allowing them to get out of hand.
Marc Thiessen at the Washington Post took to task the idea that there are no adverse consequences to widespread mail in voting.“Eight years ago, the Times declared that ‘the flaws of absentee voting raise questions about the most elementary promises of democracy,’” Thiessen writes, “Now that Trump i... Read More
“The head of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) is warning that New York’s controversial Green Light Law is putting lives in danger by limiting law enforcement cooperation -- especially after the measure was amended to make sharing information with ICE a felony.ICE Director Matt Albence told... Read More
Another key document proves what others have already demonstrated.  The Obama Justice Department had no reason to begin investigating and spying on the Trump campaign.
State that use the Wuhan virus as an excuse to discriminate against churches are being forced to defend themselves in court.
Experts were wildly off the mark with their projections of where the death toll would be.  Now evidence points to a decline in the danger -- and not because of their prescriptions.
The so called "experts" who denounced the Florida approach to dealing with the Wuhan virus, and praised such states as New York and Michigan, allowed their political and personal bias to leave them blind to the facts. Read More
“The federal judge presiding over the case against former national security adviser Michael Flynn has been ordered by an appeals court to justify his reasoning for refusing to dismiss the case, weeks after the Department of Justice asked that all charges against the retired lieutenant general be dro... Read More
“Last week, the Washington State Department of Health (DOH) confirmed that among the deaths they have counted from coronavirus they included deaths from other causes, such as gunshot injuries.A Department of Health statistics manager admitted, “We don’t always know the cause of death for a death whe... Read More


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