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Even while liberals try to force massive gun control down the throats of Americans, they refuse to convict Kate Steinle’s killer on gun charges.Garcia Zarate, Steinle’s killer, was in the country illegally at the time of the murder. Yet, the California legal system has acquitted Zarate on all murder... Read More
Liberal calls for gun control rely on a pattern of lies because the truth is useless to them.
A border security expert made it clear that, “our government intel agencies are failing to even focus on the cartels, much less treat their threat with the seriousness it deserves.”The lack of competent security measures at the border is putting American lives at risk. It’s time for our leaders to s... Read More
“While endorsing sweeping new gun measures on the trail and advocating for federal gun confiscation in the media, O’Rourke has made several false claims and mischaracterizations about gun violence in America,” Tristan Justice writes at The Federalist.O’Rourke, “has blamed President Donald Trump,” fo... Read More
Conservative Representative Jim Jordan of Ohio is telling it how it is in regard to James Comey’s treacherous actions against the President and the country.“I’m not going to apologize. Jim Comey owes the country an apology because he put us through this for two and a half years,” Representative Jord... Read More
Accompanying the continued, “war on American sovereignty,” is, “growing violence against ICE operations.” But instead of upholding American security in response to this violence, “federal prosecutors in Oregon inexplicably let Antifa members who caused the shutdown of an ICE facility for 10 days las... Read More
The New York Sun points out that the findings of the Inspector General's report, bad as they are, are part of a long series of improper  actions.
“We have a sovereignty crisis, which has led to the flooding of this country with drugs more powerful than anything around even 10 years ago – all promoted by the Mexican cartels and the criminal alien networks allowed to peddle them in sanctuary cities,” Daniel Horowitz writes.Sell-out politicians... Read More
Radical Democrats ceaseless opposition to the ICE agents who protect our borders is causing, “horrific mayhem from coast to coast,” conservative pundit Michelle Malkin writes.“We have unhinged Democrats uniting in common cause with violent Antifa and cheap labor-hungry big business CEOs to blow hole... Read More
After instance upon instance of illegal alien, crime not a single, “prominent member of Congress,” is working to, “enforce national sovereignty and better prevent crime.”“Every day, there are stories of Americans or immigrants being murdered, raped, or assaulted either by illegal aliens who could ha... Read More


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