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“House conservatives are cheering President Trump on in his desire for a government shutdown, saying they have his back in the standoff over border wall money,” The Washington Times reports.Republican Representative Jim Jordan of Ohio expressed optimism concerning funding, saying, “We’re going to ha... Read More
With Democrats set to take over the House of Representatives in early January, many on the Left are calling for impeaching President Trump. But a poll conducted by CNN reveals that more than half of Americans oppose impeachment.91% of Republicans are behind the President, believing that impeachment... Read More
Jonathan Turley points out that ObamaCare supporters, following last week's Federal Court decision, are now forced to claim they have been lying for the last eight years about the necessity of the individual mandate.  Chief Justice John Roberts will have to scrounge up some other justification... Read More
TCC Chairman Peter Thomas sent the following letter to the editor to newspapers across the U.S.Dear editor:When President Bill Clinton found that Congress was passing appropriations bills that did not contain all the spending he wanted, he vetoed those bills, shutting down the government until Congr... Read More
The Federalist’s Lyman Stone argues that America’s broken border security needs more than a wall along the Southern border to fix it. Our country’s asylum laws are in disarray, and easily exploited. “A combination of the wall, improved resources for immigration courts, and a sound ‘remain in Mexico’... Read More
California Representative Nancy Pelosi told a reporter that a border wall is, “immoral, ineffective, expensive.” Senator Chuck Schumer has called the border wall “political fodder” for the President. Democrats have refused to provide the President his requested $5 billion dollars for border security... Read More
“A five-day operation conducted by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) in New Jersey has taken into custody 105 foreign nationals who were in the U.S. illegally,” The Daily Wire reports. Included in the arrests were wanted criminals, child abusers, and at least one member of the notorious... Read More
Before Democrats take the House in January, Republicans are scrambling to provide President Trump with the necessary funding for a wall along the Southern border. “Congress sent President Trump a short-term spending bill Thursday to avert a partial government shutdown this weekend,” the Washington P... Read More
America’s National Sovereignty Threatened: Congress must fund a Wall that secures our Southern BorderDecember 4, 2018Washington, DCAs the southern border continues to be overwhelmed by migrants seeking illegal entry into the United States, we urge Congress to finally address this issue in their end... Read More
Nancy Pelosi’s allies have come up with a way for Democrats who pledged not support her for Speaker to indirectly violate that pledge by simply voting “present” on the House floor. “Registering a ‘present’ vote, or not voting at all, would lower the overall threshold needed to become Speaker,” The H... Read More


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