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The debate over replacing ObamaCare continues, with National Revies praising the plan offered by Gov. Scott Walker.
Prof. Thomas Sowell provides his usual wisdom, this time on the matter of illegal aliens.
A Federal Court may soon rule that the House of Representatives can sue the President for violating the Constitution.
The details of the Iran deal offer opportunities for sharp criticism. Read More
Presidential candidates Marco Rubio and Scott Walker have put their health care plans out for debate. Read More
HUD has been allowing families with six-figure income to receive government subsidies. Read More
Sen. Bob Corker authored the legislation that makes it nearly impossible for Congress to prevent Obama's Iran deal from going into effect.  Now Corker says Congress needs to defeat it.  Unfortunately, he has already stacked the deck in Obama's favor, requiring a 2/3 vote in each house to d... Read More
Secretarhy of State John Kerry clearly lied when he compared the Iran deal to the goals of the Bush administration.
Former Sen. Joe Lieberman makes the point that Obama's Iran deal is not the best we can get.
Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and/or her staff could be charged with Federal crimes for careless handling of Top Secret information. Read More


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