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John Solomon reports on more revelations concerning the FBI scandal.
The Congressional Budget Office says it expects economic growth to continue next year, contradicting those who foresee a recession in 2020.
The release of documents related to the Obama administration spying on the Trump campaign may put explosive information on the publc record.
Increased cooperation by Mexico, arranged by President Trump in June, is having a major effect in stopping illegal aliens from reaching the US.
After years of mismanagement under previous presidents, Donald Trump is fixing an immigration loophole to keep dangerous criminals from the interior of the country while also keeping families together.“The Department of Homeland Security will seek to terminate the so-called Flores Settlement Agreeme... Read More
This excerpt from Andrew McCarthy's new book, Ball of Collusion:  The Plot to Rig an Election and Destroy a Presidency, summarizes the roots of the biggest scandal of the Obama administration. Read More
The Left is pushing what they hope might become a self-fulfilling prophecy of recession, but James Piereson shows that the facts point to continuing growth.
The Editorial Board of The Washington Post, long a supporter of the movement to end "mass incarceration", was shocked to discover what it would actually mean.  The bill being considered by the D.C. City Council "would directly benefit the most serious and violent criminals -- specifically those... Read More
An illegal alien who had been convicted on multiple charges of sexual abuse against children was released by a sanctuary city before being arrested by ICE agents.“[T]his means an illegal alien sex offender was able to remain in the community for nearly two years,” Daniel Horowitz writes at Conservat... Read More
“Progressives have recently put forward a lot of high-priced policy proposals, but a new study released Wednesday finds that it’s ‘arithmetically impossible’ to pay for the ‘progressive agenda’ by only raising taxes on the wealthy.”These radical proposals would hurt the middle and lower classes, not... Read More


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