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This article gives the lie to claims that illegal immigrants are taking jobs that Americans will not accept.
Even the Washington Post had to admit that the claim of eighteen school shootings in 2018 is clearly a lie.
            Conservatives are overwhelmingly in favor of replacing the professional politicians in Congress with a citizen’s legislature through term limits, according to a poll conducted by The Conservative Caucus.  This change had the sup... Read More
With Republicans feeling the heat from angry voters, the Senate voted down a series of bills that would have granted amnesty to some illegal aliens. Read More
The Senate will begin voting today on immigration-related legislation.  Neither the Trump-supported bill nor the Democrats' version has enough votes to pass yet.
It's time for the media to pursue vigorously the unfolding story of Clinton's collusion with Russia.
Even a liberal such as Walter Russell Mead has praise for Trump's North Korea policy.
Democratic optimism about November keeps getting bad news from the polls.
Illegal immigrants are finding that the new administration is not afraid to arrest and deport them,  no matter how much the liberals complain. Read More
Investor's Business Daily raises questions about Clinton's liability in the FBI scandal.


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