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Family members of people killed by illegal aliens testified yesterday before the House Judiciary Committee, calling for more effective action to prevent future deaths. Read More
The House is expected to vote on Thursday on a measure to punish "sanctuary cities" by withholding some Federal funds.  
Like all welfare progreams, ObamaCare is doing a poor job of detecting fraud. the GAO report here.
The many flaws of the Iran deal have put Democrats between a rock and a hard place, as they search for a political position that will not put them in danger. Read More
Instead of making healthcare more affordable, ObamaCare is forcing prices up.
Charles Krauthammer reviews the problems with Obama's Iran deal. 
President Obama seems to hope that if he does not talk about the murder of Kathryn Steinle by an illegal alien who was supposed to be deported, people will forget all about her. Read More
Those who sign up for ObamaCare policies find themselves with very limited choices of doctors and hospitals.
House Republicans have taken the first steps toward cutting off Federal aid to "sanctuary cities" that protect illegal aliens from deportation.
By agreeing to the Corker bill that treats Obama's Iran deal as something other than a treaty, Republicans have all but guaranteed that it will go into effect.  Had the deal been required to obtain a two-thirds vote in the Senate, it would have a much tougher path. Read More


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