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“Federal government workers are under literal fire for enforcing our immigration laws and protecting America,” political pundit Michelle Malkin writes at the Daily Signal. But the media, “ignored the story.”“Border security and restored sovereignty start with defunding the funders of America’s destr... Read More
“The Trump administration finalized rules Monday that could reshape the flow of legal immigrants who earn a place in the U.S.,” the Washington Times reported, “proposing to penalize migrants for having used welfare programs when they apply for permanent status.”“This is really an example of Presiden... Read More
“Federal authorities detained almost 700 illegal aliens after execution of a massive worksite immigration enforcement operation at seven different locations in Mississippi on Wednesday,” Conservative Review reports.Attorney Mike Hurst reiterated in a press conference that we are, “first and foremost... Read More
While Democrats ignore, “the qualifications of individual nominees,” and oppose them, “simply because Trump nominated them,” Republicans in the Senate are starting to pick up the pace on judicial confirmations.“In light of [Dem’s] obstruction, the Senate’s success in stepping up confirmations is all... Read More
If liberals insist on blaming President Trump for El Paso, they must accept the blame for Dayton.
Robert Mueller may have committer perjury during congressional hearings in order to avoid discussing misleading aspects of his Special Counsel report. Read More
For many Americans, the 2017 violence in Charlottesville was the first time they had heard of the left-wing storm troopers of Antifa and their violent tactics.  Now, in Dayton, it looks like Antifa has produced its first mass murderer.  This comes just after the recent Antifa armed attack... Read More
Even this Trump-hating liberal columnist admits that the key to stopping mass shootings is not gun contol but learning to recognize the signs before someone turns violent. Read More
Will the media blame leftist politicians for the Dayton shootings?
Former FBI Director James Comey should be facing serious legal trouble.


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