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President Trump fired the Obama holdover who refused to do her legal duty. Read More
A new poll shows majority support for the President's halt in Syrian refugees.
President Trump has begun serious action to protect Americans from radical Islamic terrorists.  However, his executive orders could be overturned by the next president.  Congress needs to amend Federal law to make these changes permanent. Read More
President Trump will reduce US funding and participation in the United Nations.
Today should be the beginning of new policies that take seriously the threat of illegal aliens. Read More
Trump takes another important step in erasing the Obama
The work of unraveling the Obama era has begun. 
Here's what you need to know about the claim that three consecutive years have been the hottest year on record.
As he leaves office, Obama releases an unrepentent terrorist.
The Trump administration is ready to take on Congress, asking for signficiant cuts in Federal spending.


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