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“The radicalization of Democrats is tied to the influence of left-wing extremist organizations that are creating a toxic political environment,” Dr. Tom Borelli writes.“Today’s Democrats are not leaders but puppets that dance on the string pulled by extremist activists,” he concludes.https://www.con... Read More
Sanders’ Medicare-for-all plan would guarantee, “illegal aliens taxpayer-funded dentist visits, while enshrining abortion-on-demand at public expense.” Read More
“Last week, many media figures and members of Congress warned the Trump administration that some of its ideas to deter illegal immigration would devastate commerce at the border.” Rather than that, however, “it appears now that not stopping the border flow is already resulting in a partial shutdown... Read More
Liberal Activist judges are sabotaging Trump’s efforts to secure the border. One such Judge, Richard Seeborg, “issued a nationwide preliminary injunction against the Trump administration’s sensible asylum policy.”“Just another example of a single federal district court judge going far beyond the bou... Read More
Dems were shocked when Attorney General William Barr said that the Trump campaign was indeed spied on, demanding a redaction of what they viewed as absurd claims. But Byron York writes at the Washington Examiner that, “Barr's statement was accurate and supported by publicly known facts.”https://www.... Read More
“The numbers released this week by U.S. Customs and Border Protection confirm what we should all know by now: the crisis at the southern border is real, and it’s getting worse,” John Daniel Davidson warns at The Federalist.“In March, federal authorities apprehended or turned back more than 103,000 n... Read More
Conservative commentator Ben Shapiro calls on Congress to fix the humanitarian crises at the border. “Everyone should be on the same page with regard to those crossing the border illegally.”“But Democrats in Congress refuse to act,” Shapiro writes, “Instead, they snipe at the supposed cruelty of the... Read More
On Tuesday, the Pentagon awarded almost one-billion dollars for a wall along America’s Southern border, “marking the first step toward President Donald Trump’s long-promised goal since he declared a national emergency nearly two months ago,” Time magazine reports. Read More
Representative Chris Stewart, a Utah Republican, announced last week he had gotten approval to create an “Ant-Socialism Caucus.”“So much time has passed from the fall of the Iron Curtain that many have internalized — or never experienced — Socialism’s ultimate price,” Rep. Stewart said. “If we fail... Read More
Countries with higher rates of economic growth, “have expanded their degree of economic freedom far more, on average, than the 53 countries defined by the report as ‘middlers’ and ‘underperformers.’”“It just goes to show that the people who are empowered by policies that expand their economic freedo... Read More


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