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Under President Trump, scientists skeptical of "climate change" will no longer be muzzled.
In the wake of Ferguson and Black Lives Matter, police officers are being killed more often. 
Trump is correct when he says that the Berlin attack proved him right.
David French discusses the lies and damage done by the Black Lives Matter extremists..
Terrorists were caught before they could carry out their plans. 
This was a front-page story, but a key bit of information was buried on the inside page."Although the vast majority of those who flooded into Europe were on the move to escape war and unrest, dozens of terrorism suspects have slipped into Germany and neighboring nations posing as migrants . . . ."ht... Read More
Executions down, homocides up.  Hmmmmm.
Andrew McCarthy points out the failure of Germany's policy of welcoming Muslim refugees.
Tim Alberta of National Review discusses the opportunities and dangers facing conservatives in the new year.
One Islamic terrorist carries out an assassination in Turkey, and a probable terrorist attacks a crowd in Berlin, killing nine. Read More


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