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The possible prototypes for the wall have been built.  Will Congress provide funding to begin construction?
California will discover that there is a price to pay for being a sanctuary state.
Passing a budget resolution is the first step toward being able to use reconciliation to avoid a Democratic filibuster of tax reform.
Obama ignored the Constitution, but Trump enforces it.
Trump's change in the Rules of Engagement promoted the decisive victory over ISIS.
President Trump is obeying the Constitution and the law by refusing to pay illegal ObamaCare subsidies.  The only question is why he waited so long, since a Federal judge ruled the subsidies illegal last year. Read More
Trump's conservative picks for the Federal judiciary are driving left-wing Democrats up the wall.  They want to go back to the days when Obama picked judges who believed they had a divine right to rewrite the Constitution. Read More
While Barack Obama violated the separation of powers, Trump is restoring it. 
Mark Penn explains why the polls understimate Trump. 
Democrats know that ObamaCare cannot function if human freedom is allowed.  Only extensive government restrictions can hold it together even temporarily.  Now Trump is taking advantage of that fact. Read More


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