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Sen. Marco Rubio continues to back away from the amnesty bill he helped write and push through the Senate in 2013.
As expected, ObamaCare is forcing a reduction in the number of full-time jobs.  Congress is likely to vote this year on a bill to change the definition of full-time from 30 to 40 hours, so as to minimize the damage.
Investigative reporter Sharyl Attkisson  reviews the failings of the media coverage of the Intelligence Committee Report.
ObamaCare is about to hit small businesses even harder in the new year.
William Jacobson reviews Obama's attack on the Constitution's separation of powers.
An experimental health insurance company, created under ObamaCare and loaned $145 million by the Federal government, is now on the brink of bankruptcy.
Liberal Lawrence Tribe spells out why Obama's environmental regulations are unconstitutional.
If elected President, Hillary Clinton's past positions on health care show that she might want to amend ObamaCare to make it worse that it is now.
by Peter MoriciSenator Elizabeth Warren is giving many Democrats fits with her populist rhetoric, but Republicans are the ones who should pay attention.The draft Warren movement, spearheaded by organizations like, earnestly believes most voters want more of President Obama's agenda: blame... Read More
An interim report by the House Oversight Committee finds a culture of partisanship and bias against conservatives at the IRS.


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