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The ice at both the South and North poles stubbornly refuses to do what the global warming alarmists say it should be doing.
Jonathan Tobin explains why voters (such as those in Kentucky) want to see ObamaCare replaced by something better.
Insurance companies offering ObamaCare policies are losing so much money that their Federal subsidies are larger than expected.
ObamaCare was a key issue in Tuesday's election for governor in Kentucky -- and ObamaCare lost big.
Rep. Kevin Brady, author of the Death Tax Repeal Act that passed the House in April, will be the next Chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee.  That is the Committee that handles tax matters.
Expect to pay a lot more for ObamaCare in 2016.
ObamaCare is struggling to survive despite media hype in its favor.
The Black Caucus is optimistic about getting support for their left-wing agenda from new Speaker Paul Ryan.
ObamaCare was supposed to provide affordable care for most Americans.  Instead it has disrupted existing health care without providing any alternative except an unaffordable Medicaid expansion. Read More
Even Democrats favor repealing a key part of ObamaCare.


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