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While Democrats have made it clear they will not work with Trump on any solutions to the crises at the border, the vast array of 2020 Democrat candidates haven’t exactly been offering alternative fixes.Julian Castro is the only 2020 Democrat, “to offer specifics that would amount to a more permissiv... Read More
Despite what the Democrats are wishing us to believe, Trump really does have a healthcare plan that is better than Obamacare. “A look at his fiscal year 2020 budget shows that the president has a plan to reduce costs and increase health care choices,” goals which the so-called Affordable Care Act fa... Read More
“The mainstream media was never seeking the truth,” in regard to so-called “Russia collusion”, “while its skeptics were.”“Since Election Day 2016, the Trump-hating political establishment and Trump-hating media establishment have been in a symbiotic relationship to achieve their desired end of destr... Read More
“I think the one that has been the most discredited through this entire process is Adam Schiff,” former GOP representative Jason Chaffetz said. “I think he should lose his security clearance and I don’t think he should be on the House Intelligence Committee.”During the Mueller witch hunt Adam Schiff... Read More
Peter Thomas, TCC Chairman, has sent this letter to newspapers around the country.Dear editor:It is essential that Americans know the truth about what has been going on regarding the investigations begun by the FBI and continued by Special Counsel Robert Mueller.  We know that Mueller found no... Read More
“A majority of Americans now believe that the special counsel’s investigation into whether President Donald Trump colluded with the Russian government to steal the 2016 election was ‘politically motivated,’” The Daily Wire reports, “a sharp increase from when the poll was last conducted in January –... Read More
2020 Democrat Presidential candidates have been attempting to outdo each other with big-spending radical policy proposals.  However, it turns out that much of the funding would have to come from  the middle class. Read More
Mueller’s long-expected report found no collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia, and Sean Davis writes at The Federalist that is was not Trump who colluded with Russia, but the Hillary Clinton campaign.“It wasn’t Trump’s campaign that colluded with shady Russia oligarchs and sketchy Russian... Read More
“So now special counsel Robert Mueller has issued his report, and it turns out after two years of investigation, at an estimated cost of $40 million, that “Russiagate” was fake news,” Star Parker writes at The Daily Signal.The Democrat’s refusal to accept the results of the Special Counsel’s report,... Read More
Andrew McCarthy at National Review urges full disclosure of, “The FISA applications, the testimony in secret hearings, the scope memorandum — all of it.”“If a victorious Democratic nominee had been subjected to such an investigation, there would never have been a special counsel, but we would alread... Read More


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