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Cold weather isn't the only bad news for the alarmists warning about global warming. Read More
Will the media never learn to be skeptical of allegations of hate crimes?
Germany discovers that Trump is right about the danger from refugees.
Victor Davis Hanson highlights liberal hypocrisy.
Some Democrats are realizing they need a more conservative voting record before they face the voters in 2018.
Sen. Ted Cruz and Rep. Ron DeSantis are ready to lead the fight for Term Limits on Congress. Read More
Personnel is policy, and the persons selected by President-elect Trump show that business-as-usual is on the way out in Washington. Read More
Sen. Tom Cotton and Rep. Trey Gowdy understand what a great opportunity is now available to restore constitutional government.
The good news is that Trump is ready to overturn the unconstitutional actions of Obama, despite  strong opposition from liberals.  However, he has made some comments indicating that he believes Obama had the constitutional power to act in place of Congress, and disagrees only on the policy... Read More
Trump's selection for Secretary of Homeland Security will tell us whether his administration will represent a true break from the Obama/Ryan policies of the past.


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