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Attorney General Sessions leaves no doubt that the administration will keep Trump's campaign promises about action against illegal aliens. Read More
Attorney General Sessions intends to bring back the rule of law.
Obama's anti-energy executive actions are about to be reversed. 
Trump is keeping his campaign promises on energy and "climate change" -- and it's driving the Left crazy. Read More
Monday's hearing was a great start for Gorsuch's confirmation. 
One of the men responsible for what we now call "Borking" says Gorsuch should be confirmed.
Stephen Moore discusses why Trump's budget is what our country needs.
It's up to House conservatives, especially the Freedom Caucus, to make Speaker Ryan change course and repeal ObamaCare.
Ed Rogers speaks from experience about the difficulties of enacting a conservative budget.  Republicans will have to show some courage and devotion to principle. Read More
The Senate Judiciary Committee will begin hearings on Judge Gorsuch's nomination to the Supreme Court at 11 AM on Monday. 


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