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No one - not even the author - claims what's in Fire and Fury is completely true, but the media spreads the lies and encourages people to believe. 
The media may be ignoring it, but Congress is making progress in its investigation of the FBI scandal.
Victor Davis Hanson points out that Trump has dirupted the liberal culture of Washington, and that's a good thing.
Unlike Obama, Trump has been supportive of Iranians protesting against their government.
Predictions of disaster from a Trump presidency were not fulfilled.
Attempts to "update" claims of collusion still don't hold water. 
Marc Thiessen reviews what Trump was able to do in his first year. Read More
American foreign policy will be another campaign promise fulfilled.
Rich Lowry reviews the accomplishments of President Trump's first year.  We should all be grateful.However, there is much more to be done in the remaining three years.
Trump got a lot done during his first year, though a lot remains to be done over the next three.


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