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As expected, Democrats are trying to use DACA as the opening wedge for a full amnesty, opposing measures for more deportations and effective border security.
By Peter Thomas, Chairman, The Conservative CaucusPresident Trump’s decision to end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) was necessary since the program had no legal or constitutional basis, and violated the presidential oath to see that the laws are enforced.What follows, now that the... Read More
The House took a step toward building Trump's wall on the Mexican border. 
Mollie Heminway provides a useful review of the actual facts regarding the collusion accusations.
No, the Trump administration has not been ignoring the hurrican damage to Puerto Rico.
Now Congress will have to decide if it is willing to take away more of our money and more of our freedom to prop up ObamaCare, or just let it collapse. 
There is a strong legal case in defense of Trump's revised travel policy.
The new travel restrictions show that Sudan has responded to the earlier executive order and is now exempt, but three new nations have been added. 
Attorney General Sessions proves he is paying close attention to the problems of illegal aliens. 
President Trump deserves praise, not criticism, for his UN speech. 


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