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“Tell an average American person that he needs to pay 60 percent of his income and give up his car so that a person who chooses not to work can sit at home and see how that works out,” Sumantra Maitra writes at The Federalist.The Green New Deal would seize power from the people, while barely, if at... Read More
Conservatives say President Trump should invoke current law by proclaiming a national emergency and reallocating appropriated funds to begin building a wall along the Mexican border, according to a poll conducted by The Conservative Caucus (TCC).  Almost 88% favor using the emergency option.The... Read More
“Here’s the most important fact about the Green New Deal,” Nicolas Loris writes at the Daily Signal, “It wouldn’t work.” Rather than halting global warming, as it promises, the “Deal” would only infringe on American’s individual freedom through extreme government regulation.“In the end, this massive... Read More
While Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer and other radical Democrats call the border wall “ineffective” and “immoral,” the facts tell a different story. Walls have been used time and time again to secure a nation’s bordersThe Daily Signal writes, “even if Schumer and Pelosi don’t want to believe Trump t... Read More
While Democrats claim that a wall wouldn’t work, and that the measure is merely a pipe dream of Trump’s, Peter Suciu at The Federalist says, “History tells a different story.” From Jericho to the Great Wall of China to Israel, walls have been used effectively multiple times in the past to secure a n... Read More
President Trump has expressed willingness to declare a national emergency at the border if Congress fails to provide the necessary funding for a border wall. Democrats have claimed Trump doesn’t have the authority to declare a national emergency, but Arizona Representative Adam Biggs says, “He has t... Read More
As more states pass bills to allow abortion up until the point of birth, Jessica Anderson of the Daily Signal says that, “the left’s radical pro-abortion platform is alienating the general public.”“Thanks to liberal overreach, conservatives now have the moral high ground and are in the majority,” sh... Read More
People are moving from Democrat controlled states to red states, in hopes of escaping the increasing tax burdens in liberal-controlled areas. But Democratic leadership is blaming Trump’s tax overhaul for the trend.“The ease of working remotely and the tax burden are driving the mass migration,” The... Read More
“On Friday, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that employers added 304,000 jobs in January, crushing expert predictions that estimated only 170,000 jobs,” the Daily Signal reports.“We know what works, and these leftist ideas will not work….This is the recovery we’ve been waiting for. Let’s kee... Read More
Texas Representative Chip Roy, after visiting the border, found that, “this idea that fencing and physical assets don't work is just insane…fencing clearly works.” Roy also had some advice for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, advising her to, “stop ignoring what's happening on our southern border so t... Read More


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