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The Left is accusing President Trump of treason.  That only shows that they have no idea what the Constitution says about treason.  No surprise there, since they have so little respect for the actual wording of the Constitution.And if Trump is guilty of treason, what about Franklin Rooseve... Read More
Rep. Devin Nunes points out many flaws in last week's indictment of Russian hackers, including the way it ignores their attempts to hack Republicans.Nunes has callled on President Trump to release the entire report of the House Intelligence Committee, without the FBI redactions, so that the American... Read More
John Kass of the Chicago Tribune praises the selection of Brett Kavanaugh.
by Peter J. Thomas, Chairman, The Conservative CaucusAfter eight Obama years in which the Constitution was under constant assault, President Trump has emerged as the Constitution’s new champion.  Having already added one fine constitutional conservative to the Supreme Court, he has now nominate... Read More
Tax cuts, deregulation, protecting American jobs -- President Trump has kept his promise to revive the economy and put Americans back to work.The latest report shows that even Americans who gave up and stopped looking for a job during the Obama years are now back in the job market. Read More
David Greenberg warns that when Maxine Waters and others on the Left call for mob action, it is likely to lead the same sort of violence we have seen from the Left previously.Unfortunately, Waters and her followers have made very clear that they will not back down.  Instead, they are vigorously... Read More
Leftists are preparing to do everything possible to defeat President Trump's next nominee for the U.S. Supreme Court.  They will organize protests, spend millions of dollars, and focus on winning over anti-Trump GOP senators.Already Sen. Susan Collins has threatened to vote against a constituti... Read More
David French describes what we can expect with a constitutional conservative replacing Justice Kennedy on the Supreme Court.If he is correct, we can expect to see a great improvement, and especially no new invented constitutional rights. Read More
After so many years when Federal courts have often chosen to ignore the Constitution, President Trump now has a chance to give us a Supreme Court on which only Chief Justice John Roberts is a little bit doubtful.  Trump can establish a majority that guarantees the Constitution will be followed... Read More
Seth Lipsky highlights the degree to which the Supreme Court repudiated the Trump haters in its decision upholding the ban on travel from seven nations.The Court correctly ruled that the law gives the president the necessary authority.  The Court recognized that the travel order does not ban Mu... Read More


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