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Supreme Court Should Nix Obamacare Subsidies, Instigate ReformPeter MoriciThe Supreme Court could improve American health care by striking down federal subsidies offered through federal exchange that sells insurance in states without government-run marketplaces.Most Americans neve... Read More
Some top House Republicans have prepared the outline of a plan which they claim would be an "off-ramp from ObamaCare".  However, the plan appears to maintain many features of ObamaCare, and conservatives will have to examine the final version very closely. Read More
Senate Democrats have blocked efforts to go to a conference committee on Homeland Security funding, expecting that the GOP leadership will surrender and support Obama's amnesty.  The Democrats appear to be correct, since those leaders have refused to listen to proposals from conservatives, and... Read More
Nearly half of the GOP Senators joined with Democrats to pass a pro-amnesty bill to fund Homeland Security, but the bill did not pass the House.  Democrats, however, claim that they have a private promise from Speaker Boehner that he will eventually push the bill through the House as well.... Read More
The IRS had back-up copies of the Lois Lerner emails going back ten years further than IRS officials claimed.  Those with custody of the back-ups say that they were never asked to produce them. Read More
Even the liberal fact-checker at the Washington Post finds Obama's claims about the Keystone XL pipeline to be complete lies. Read More
Majority Leader McConnell plans to bring up a pro-amnesty bill to fund Homeland Security today.  The House, however, will probably vote on a three-week extension of funding while waiting to see whether the Federal appeals court overturns the recent injunction against amnesty. Read More
Senators Hatch, Graham, and Flake joined with Democrats to provid Attorney General nominee Loretta Lynch with the votes needed to advance her confirmation.  Lynch defended Obama's consitutional violations during her confirmation hearings. Read More
The IRS Inspector General is investigating possible criminal activity regarding "lost" emails relating to the targetting of conservative groups. 
The Senate is expected to vote today on the bill, approved and promoted by Majority Leader McConnell, to fund Homeland Security and clear the way for Obama's amnesty.  However, even if it passes the Senate, conservatives may still be able to stop it in the House. Read More


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