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Real scientists understand the weaknesses of the "global warming" arguments. Read More
State Attorneys General are leading the way in fighting Obama's international global warming deal, and Congress will have its chance to vote no. Read More
The anti-bailout legislation passed by Congress is expiring and must be renewed to prevent Obama from using Medicare funds to cover the losses of insurance companies.
A new Kaiser Family Foundation Poll shows public opinion moving against ObamaCare.  Considering that Kaiser's polls have often been more favorable to ObamaCare than most others, this should be a major worry to ObamaCare supporters.  (Look toward the bottom of the report to find the ObamaCa... Read More
Republicans in Congress are warning military leaders of the consequences if they obey an illegal order to transfer terrorists from Cuba to the United States. Read More
Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner warns President Obama that it would be a constitutional violation to close the Guantanamo prison and move the prisoners to the US despite a law prohibiting that action. Read More
Can ObamaCare survive, or is it such a flawed system that it will collapse on it own?  Rick Manning believes the latter is more likely.
Obama's former Secretary of State, Leon Panetta, says Obama's policy regarding the Islamic State is inadequate.
House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi warned that if Republicans cut off funding for bringing in Syrian refugees, Democrats will retaliate by shutting down the Federal government.  Will Speaker Ryan cave in, as Speaker Boehner always did? Read More
One of the largest health insurance companies is on the verge of dropping its ObamaCare policies. Read More


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