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Mollie Hemingway is not afraid to call Kavanaugh's enemies exactly what they are -- evil. 
Left-wing Democrats expect to block Kavanaugh with a never-ending string of wild accusations.  Sean Davis warns the GOP -- confirm Kavanaugh or take a beating in November.
Marc Thiessen points out what Trump has accomplished in foreign policy -- accomplishments that Trump-haters steadfastly ignore. Read More
TCC Chairman Peter Thomas sent this letter to the editor to hundreds of papers today. Dear editor:President Trump’s many accomplishments in less than two years should not be overshadowed by anonymous accusations similar to those once aimed at President John Adams by “senior administration offic... Read More
Investor's Business Daily reviews what is already known about the Obama administration's attempt to frame Trump for collusion, and anticipates what may be in the information expected to be released soon.
Julie Kelly reviews the evidence concerning the amount of crime committed by illegal aliens.  The media promotes the fake news that illegals are more law-abiding than Americans, but the facts show a very different story. Read More
Ned Ryun discusses the need to restore a system of equal justice.  Members of the elite, such as Hillary Clinton, must no longer be immune from punishment for their crimes.
Sad to say, Mollie Tibbetts is only one example of the danger from having millions of illegal aliens in the United States.President Trump is finally enforcing the law, but liberal Democrats still want to throw obstacle in his way. Read More
British Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt says that President Trump is handling Russia well.
Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and many other liberals praised what they claimed was a highly effective procedure for vetting foreigners.  Now, their failures have led to another murder. Read More


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