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Charles Krauthammer warns that Russia and others will seek to take full advantage of the hapless Obama during the remaining months of his presidency.
Liberals have insisted that they would shut down the Federal government if Planned Parenthood is not funded, but the facts are undermining Planned Parenthood's defense. Read More
Socialist presidential candidate Bernie Sanders has said he wants to emphasize income redistribution, even at the expense of economic growth.  Scandanavia's socialists nations have decided to move in the opposite direction.
Liberal columist Thomas Edsall notes that while liberals talk about dominating future elections, the trends are really more favorable to conservatives.
The Washington Times explains what's wrong with Obama's fact-free plan for stifling the economy.
Donald Trump released a tax reform plan that includes repealing the Death Tax.
The former acting director of the CIA admitted in Congressional testimony that he ignored accurate information from his own people in Benghazi and stuck with the fiction that the attack which killed the US ambassador had started as a protest, not a planned terrorist attack. Read More
John Hinderaker reviews how global warming alarmists fake the data they use.
This one sentence in the story linked below says it all.  "It was notable on Friday that as viewers called in to C-SPAN, it was frequently Democrats and liberals who were sad to see Boehner go and conservatives who said good riddance." Read More
Recognizing that conservative opposition to his collaboration with Democrats had deprived him of majority support, Speaker Boehner has announced that he will resign late next month.


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