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Hawaii has become the first state to close its exchange for the purchase of ObamaCare policies, and other states are considering the same course.
Because the Republicans in Congress have failed to even attempt to pass a responsible resolution authorizing war against the Islamic State, Democrats are now coming forward with their own very restrictive resolutions.  The have the field to themselves, thanks to the GOP leadership.http://blogs.... Read More
When Congress debated ObamaCare, there were warnings of job losses and high costs.  Those warnings are being proven correct.
Congress has been dodging its constitutional responsibility to decide whether the US should go to war, preferring to let the President take full responsibility. Some members of Congress are calling for action on the matter. Read More
It is becoming more likely that Congressional Republicans would respond to a favorable Supreme Court decision by extending ObamaCare subsidies, rather than taking the opportunity to try to repeal ObamaCare immediately.
Tom Blumer points out serious weaknesses in the US economy.
A House Committee has approved bills to repeal the Medical Device Tax and the IPAB.
The House is expected to vote to withhold some State Department funding until there are improvements in complying with Congressional requests for documents such as those related to the Benghazi massacre. Read More
House Republicans claim that they will havde a bill ready when the Supreme Court rules on the legality of most ObamaCare subsidies, but they admit they are behind schedule and are not saying whether the bill will surrender to Democratic demands for a continuation of the subsidies. Read More
Katie Pavlich and Rich Lowry ask whether Obama's extreme liberalism makes him incapable of functioning as commander in chief. Read More


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