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A special visa program intended to provide more diversity in immigrants allowed the suspect in a New York terrorist attack to come to this country. 
 by Peter Thomas, Chairman, The Conservative CaucusThere has been much recent hype about an alleged threat to the First Amendment from President Trump.  Even a quick look at history will show that other presidents, many of them praised by the same people who attack Trump, did much more to... Read More
The one thing we know for certain is that the Clinton campaign was involved in collusion with foreigners, including Russians, to influence the election. Read More
Yesterday's indictments are bad for establishment mainstay Paul Manafort, but fail to show proof of collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia. Read More
Liberals can no longer hide the failure of ObamaCare.  All they can do it demand that we surrender more of our freedom and more of our money to prop it up a little longer.
The fake news about "collusion" between Trump and the Russians seems to finally be coming to a well-deserved end. 
A Federal judge refused to order President Trump to resume payment of illegal ObamaCare subsidies.
Trump promised economic growth, and he has delivered.
Any "bipartisan" deal on ObamaCare is guaranteed to be bad for taxpayers.
The possible prototypes for the wall have been built.  Will Congress provide funding to begin construction?


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