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This Washington Times editorial reviews the fiasco of censoring the Omar Mateen transcript in an attempt to play down the role of radical Islamism in Mateen's motivation.
House Republicans finally annnounced the outline for their plan to replace ObamaCare.
Dennis Ross discusses what needs to be done to weaken the Islamic State.
Paul Sperry points out that Omar Mateen and other terrorists are really part of  a radical, anti-American community.
Surprise, surprisel.  The Congressional Budget Office has found that private investment is twice as productive as government "investment".That conclusion is stated on page two of their report. 
Even the Washington Post fact-checker says that liberals are telling lies in their attempt to pass gun control legislation. 
Mollie Hemingway describes just how bad the media coverage of the Orland islamic terrorist massacre has been.
Even the friends of ObamaCare are admitting that it may not work.
Contrary to liberal denials, the CIA has now confirmed that the Islamic State is using refugees as a means of terrorist infiltration. Read More
Obama has claimed that his strategy against the Islamic State will "degrade" their ability to conduct terrorism against the  United States.  Now Obama's own CIA Director says the strategy has not had that effect. Read More


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